The Summer Social Media Series

This summer, step up your social media game with the Summer Social Media Series of webinars. In the following series, in June, July & August, you’l learn how to leverage Instagram and Facebook for your small business. They say it takes 7 times for someone to recognize and buy from your business. By leveraging no-cost and low-cost strategies in social media, you can further leverage the two social media giants.

If you can’t attend the webinar, you can watch it recorded. That way, you can be on a tropical vacation and watch the recorded stream after you return. Though if you do make it live, you’ll have the ability to ask questions that will be followed up with Q&A session.

All three webinars will feature problem solving solutions and a deeper understanding of how both Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms work and how a little bit of planning can pay off for your business.

Come join me online this summer!

Thank you,
Haydn S. Adams

Frequently asked questions

How long are the webinars?
1 hour

How much are they?
Just $49.95 per class

Can I re-watch the webinar?
Yes! Watch as many times as you want.

What time are they at?
3:00 pm Pacific Time
12:00 pm Rarotonga/Hawaii

How do I watch the webinar?
A link will be provided upon payment to a zoom.us link with all of the links and instructions.

June 27th
Instagram Stories for Small Business

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July 25th
Video & Live Video on Facebook

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August 22nd
Coming Soon!