Social Media Training

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The world of social media seems to be changing/updating/adding new features and techniques daily. We’re here to help. Whether you’re a small business, a realtor or a winery, we want to show you how you can put your best business foot forward.

We’re in the process of creating a social media training series. If you’re curious on how social media works, contact us and we can help you out.

How Social Is Your Media?

Facebook For your business

An introductory class on how to utilize your business page on FB and how different methodologies of posting attracts more customers.

  • Facebook is still king of the social media jungle.
  • 3 kinds of media for FB- Text, images and videos (and live video)
  • Why video is the new star
  • Keep in front of people
  • Get tagged & tag your followers / fans
  • Q&A

Facebook: Boosting Posts & Creating ads

An introductory look into the advertising world of Facebook including the difference between creating ads and boosting posts. Participants can leave the course knowing how to setup their first ad and how to target a specific audience.

  • Take control over your advertising dollars
  • Learn who views your pictures & videos
  • Learn how to boost a post and how to create ads
  • Ignore half of what FB tells you (they will advertise to you)
  • Q&A

Instagram: Posting & Stories

Instagram is the sister platform to Facebook. Initially independent, FB acquired the startup and further integrated it within it’s social media circle. Learn how to maximize instagram and how to have crossover material.

  • The sister platform to facebook
  • Visuals, visuals, visuals
  • Liking a comment & commenting
  • Following hashtags along with people/businesses
  • What/how do stories work?
  • Q&A

“The Social Media Seminars put on by Nautilus Designs have been instrumental in helping to grow our brand in this day and age and reach consumers right for us. Since the first seminar I have gained invaluable insight into running an effective social media program. Haydn Adams has an exceptional ability to teach while still making things fun. Not only are we now reaching the best customers for us, we are able to drive more sales and interest in our winery.

I highly recommend taking these classes!

–April Nalle, Nalle Winery