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Record your podcast in Marin in the studios of Nautilus Designs

Let Nautilus Designs handle the technical hurdles of getting a Podcast setup. All you have to do is sit down in our studio, and record your material. You can review the audio immediately after recording, allowing you to quickly change, adapt, change the material so it fits perfectly to your needs.

Then we’ll take care of the editing of any hiccups or coughs, add your intro and outgoing message and effectively upload it so your listeners can listen to it asap. We’ll handle the following for you:

The setup of the audio and recording software

We’ll have the microphone and recording software all prepped and ready to go when you get here. While you record, we constantly watch the wave form to ensure the microphone is set to your vocal level. Not too soft. Not too loud. Just right for your voice. A pop filter is setup to soften the harsh “pops” that come from various words.

Submitting your Podcast to iTunes/Google Play Store

After you decide on your genre of podcast, we work with you to create a recognizable typestyle for your podcast. Utilizing over 20 years of design services, we put our extensive knowledge of graphic design to work to ensure you have the strongest logo/icon possible for your podcast.

Image/Icon design for your podcast

Once your happy with your initial recording, we submit that audio to Apple’s podcasting network (the 90% marketshare Gorilla) as well as to Google’s Play Store. Spotify can also be achieved for a small additional fee.

Here are just a few of the podcasts that have been recorded with Nautilus Designs

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